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5 Android Apps for Better Data Usage Tracking

It alerts you when you exceed the limit of data usage. It also shows the download bytes as well as upload bytes for each day. BeeData Widget is a lightweight data and Wi-Fi usage tracker app. The widget can enormously help you in controlling the data usage on your device.

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It monitors the real-time as well as monthly data usage. The monthly summary chart and historical charts show the data usage in detail.

With the clean UI and simple, Bytes looks very familiar. Having monitored your daily data usage, it notifies you about the pace with which you are consuming the data. The widget can be configured to show either daily or monthly data usage. Using the background app refresh feature of your iPhone, it can track the data usage faultlessly.

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Monitor your data usage more efficiently and never let it go overboard. Data Manager allows you to not just cut down on unnecessary data usage but also lets you check the data speed. App badge makes it easier to view how much data is left.

10 Best Free Data Monitoring Apps For Android In

You can also track the amount of Internet data you use over Wi-Fi. Moreover, you will be able to configure the billing periods and quota limits on a monthly, weekly or custom time basis. These data trackers are highly functional and can significantly control the data usage on your device. What I like about these apps is that they provide real-time data usage and even alert you when you exceed your set target. So, which one of these apps has found its permanent place on your iPhone? Do let us know that in the comments below. Reviews Apps How-to iPhone. Dhvanesh Adhiya. Last Updated: July 9, pm.

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You can keep a tiny, transparent data widget floating around your desktop, and set it so it doesn't interfere with anything you can click on your desktop. The app itself can notify you when you hit certain limits on particular network ports, including the USB tether you're using, and can track and graph usage over certain periods. Of course, if you'd like a more stylish, whole-picture look at your bandwidth usage, the Rainmeter desktop monitor is the way to go.

How to Track/Manage Data Usage on Your iPhone -- Awesome Data Widget

You can devote whatever space you'd like to specific bandwidth readings and counters. A variant and customization tool, the Enigman Desktop , is a nicely pre-packaged Rainmeter system that makes customizing your desktop very easy , bandwidth monitors included. Mac: Your best bet is the free SurplusMeter. It's perfect for setting up certain bandwidth limits in particular time frames.

Set it to monitor the connection your computer connects to your phone through, and you won't have to mess with it again. It'll just ping you when you're getting close to your limit. You can manually tweak the amounts, see your usage over time on a graph, and otherwise control how much data you pass through the air into your MacBook.

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Linux: Many, many options abound for Linux users. I mean, just look at a sampling of picks. But for a relatively simple-to-set-up monitor, try vnStat , which quietly monitors a specific network interface and charts its use. Linux Magazine has a good installation, setup, and usage guide for vnStat. If you're not using your tethered device at the moment, you can usually see how you're doing for your month's usage through your carrier's web site, or through a free text message or phone call.

The operative word there is can —it probably won't be convenient, or detailed, but at least it's from the horse's mouth. You'll get back a free text with your total data usage for the current billing cycle. To check online, log into myaccount. Sprint: Log into My Sprint , head to the "My Account" section, then look to see if your smartphone is listed.

It may not be, and you'll have to enter your phone's serial number in manually as Jason found out, to his great battery-popping annoyance. Near the end, you'll hear your data usage read to you, albeit in slightly awkward form to quote Jason, "You have used—twenty one thousand, four hundred and ninety-two kilobytes of data You'll then be able to see your data usage over select time periods. T-Mobile: T-Mobile doesn't make any to-the-moment data use tools readily available for its customers, as far as one editor's searches reach, anyways.

You can still check to see what you've used in previous months by logging into My T-Mobile , then clicking on "Bill Summary" or another billing area, and checking out the "Data" tab on any bill view. We know some of you have been doing the mobile data thing since the days of Palm Treos and beyond, so we'd love to hear what tools you've used to monitor your usage, and prevent gotcha-style fees, in the comments.

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