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Different interactions for different users. Mobile applications present further challenges.

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In addition to the wide variety of touch actions - swiping, pulling, pinching and so on - there are voice assistants such as Siri and Google Now. Device-specific innovations such as hand wave gestures on some Samsung headsets, or the new iPhone audio set, add further complexities to mobile operations. Distinct application types. Mobile applications are not as straightforward. It is essential that a test management platform roadmap be in place for all the complexity of testing types. Behavior with and without connectivity.

A web app running on a Mac or PC is going to be useless without an internet connection. Ditto for a mobile web app. A native or hybrid mobile app, however, might have some offline functionality. Some games can be played without connectivity albeit with some features missing and document editors may also retain functionality while in airplane mode or out in a remote location. Mobile apps also must be vetted for their behavior when switching between connections or relying on unstable networks.

As complexities with mobile apps increases, the question is how to find fundamental QA testing procedures with the capabilities to accommodate rapid innovation among mobile devices. The answer could be to test by design concept. Each mobile app supports the operations of devices which are primarily configured and structured to perform certain outcomes. All configurations, connections, interfaces, input, and output centralize within, or align with, processing and outcomes directed by a design concept. Understanding the conceptual architecture of a mobile device is key to understanding how to test mobile app functionalities within its operations.

Testing a SmartPhone. Testing must center around both cell phone and smartphone operations, as well as associated carrier connections. Tablets are somewhat a cross between home and mobile computing. Some consumers use tablets as their primary computer, while others use them primarily for entertainment. Android tablets share many similarities with Android smartphones. Proceed with similar testing procedures.

Windows 10, for instance, may require different testing metrics and procedures than Windows 8. In addition, test the performance of new apps, including the amount of time to launch, UI experience, and frame rate. Use automated metrics to confirm performance times, and Wi-Fi reception. Test Windows tablets similarly to laptops, focusing precisely on the operating system. Verify overall performance, including:. Test from every-day-task, media, and entertainment perspectives. Perform automated 3D tests that simulate movement within complex environments.

Testing Adobe Photoshop reveals the length of time it takes the software to manage images. Smartwatches require similar primary testing procedures as smartphones and tablets. In addition, test for wearability, screen quality, and battery life. Also test for:. Use a defibrillator tester to analyze a pacemaker. Perform the specified test loads and measurement algorithms required for operational assurance. Perform durability tests to identify the correct functionality of an electro-magnetic Lock Device. Durability tests can simply be performed on any setup that allows the armature plate to be moved independent of the lock, such as a spring-loaded armature.

Preferred attributes of a Fitness Tracker are comfort and ease of use. The primary required attribute is accuracy. Test for in depth fitness analysis that includes the elimination of such deficiencies as:. There is some overlap between web and mobile apps, to be sure.

cell phone listening software quality metrics

Many mobile apps are at least in part web apps themselves, and you will still pursue some of the same testing regimens and techniques with either type, perhaps as part of an agile development cycle. A full featured and sophisticated test case management solution -- all native inside Atlassian's Jira Software. Scale global and agile teams to track all aspects of software quality; integrate with Jira and automation test tools to report in real-time.

We understand that it can be helpful to talk to someone about which product would be best for your organization. Or shoot us an email: sales getzephyr. Skip to main content. What is the difference between mobile and web app testing? Published by Francis Adanza on January 12, Drawing the Line Between Mobile and Web App Testing Starting with the most obvious differences between mobile app testing and web app testing, we see that mobile apps are usually meant for larger numbers of users, more diverse devices, and an increasingly broader range of communication than web apps.

QA testing of mobile apps must therefore check for such device attributes as: Constant connectivity Notification management App syncing across multiple platforms Even more than web apps, the goals, objectives, focus, planning, and procedures for development and testing of mobile apps is customer facing. A more in depth granular and technical view reveals several areas in which the divergence between mobile and web testing is pronounced: RAM and storage limitations. The Question is How As complexities with mobile apps increases, the question is how to find fundamental QA testing procedures with the capabilities to accommodate rapid innovation among mobile devices.

Test for reception. Devices which have the same carrier can receive different reception. Perform signal tests at each of the identified major wireless carrier locations.

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cell phone listening software quality metrics

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